Sunday, April 29, 2012


 Husband knows when i'm really quiet and staring intently at the computer, it could only be one thing: pinterest. (That, or i'm shopping for baby and don't want him to know). 

 Some of my favorite pins this week:

  {succulents for my kitchen window}

{a sweet and eclectic kid's room}
{i'll take one of each, please}

{converting our shed into something like this shouldn't be too hard-
or very hard}

{wooden bowls. I think I need 30}

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6 months

6 months

How am I already 6 months pregnant?
I had an appointment today and baby's heart beat is strong and healthy.
Sleeping is starting to get uncomfortable, my feet have been cramping, and the days are getting warmer....i'm trying not to think about being 9 months pregnant in August!!!

My appetite is back in full force. Well, almost. The thought of eating a hot dinner the first trimester of my pregnancy made me want to ralph. The first three months I lived off of PB&J's, fruit cups and crackers. I don't know how I got through our Christmas Eve feast. I still can't believe my family didn't catch on that I was pregnant during New Years when I exclaimed at 10:00 at night that all I wanted to eat was french fries and Perrier. 
I haven't had any really cravings. I'm just thirsty ALL.THE.TIME. I've been drinking water all the live-long-day. Fruit and citrus always sounds good to me...but so does an apple fritter. oh, and root beer. So basically, my cravings haven't changed a bit. heh. 

I can't wait to meet this little boy. Well, I can.  There's a lot we need to do around here--like get his room ready, pick out a name, and enjoy our last few months of sleep ;)

Friday, April 6, 2012


We have been out of town all week or else I would have dyed some eggs and made sugar cookies for Easter. Luckily we got back just in time to spend Easter Sunday with my family and have a grown up Easter egg hunt (really). I spent my morning putting together our table scape for dinner and had a little too much fun doing it...



Until next year! (when we will have a little baby bunny of our own ;)

.Happy Easter.