Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last night was so much fun. I told Adam not to come to my Parents because I didn't think I going to be there long. WELL..... My Mom and I went on a winter wonderland walk in the snow with the dogs, then came home and ate some yummy Chili. Daniel came over and we carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds. We also ate Halloween candy and Pirate's Booty. Damn those Pirates. Then it began to snow.
i was there late.
adam was sad he missed out.
i told him it wasn't that fun.
(it was.)

so friggin festive we are.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Xo, E

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This has felt like the longest fall yet! I love that it hasn't SNOWED, and we still have a week of 50-degree weather to come!
Last night Adam and I saw, "Where the Wild Things Are". Interesting. I loved the sound track. Very interesting. Thoughts, anyone???
We spent the FULL weekend in Midway eating, sleeping, watching Harry Potter, and creating a skirt out of my scarf so I could go to church on Sunday.
It was WWWONNNNDERFULLLL...Church that is, the scarf....not so much.
Also, my parents came home from DC and brought me back my very own peanut bowl!!! For all of you who have never been to the Ewell Home, since I can remember we have always had a (quite) large peanut bowl in our kitchen. It is the perfect place to hang out, take a seat around the island and snarf down a few hundred pistachios. Like a Bar, if you will. And yes, there are usually peanut shells on the floor. gross?

I can't beleive I have my very own peanut bowl.
Such a big girl.
Lets hope this week will fly by as quickly as last week did.
ciao for now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some Thoughts & Happenings:

1. Mama Maureen quit drinking Diet Coke. I repeat, QUIT DRINKING DIET COKE. I didn't believe it at first either. I guess the whole Aspartame thing really got to her-and she wants to be alive to witness the birth of her grandchildren.
2. Adam got another speeding ticket last night. No Mom, he is not a wreckless driver and I feel completely safe with him whenever he drives. Can we say, string of bad luck perhaps? The Cop caught him going only 10 over. 10 over??? The best part was after the Cop got all of Adam's information, he came back to the window and asked, "Are you an American Indian?...Our records state that you are an American Indian." BaHAHA! We still left with a ticket, but you can bet your sweet bum I was calling Adam my 'Little American Indian' the rest of the night.
3. Project Runway this season is LAME-O. Nobody is funny. Nobody is talented. If Tim Gunn wasn't on the show, it would be over between us.
The other day Dani was over at our house and was telling me how everyone at school is saying the end of the world was coming. She then told me that if the end of the world was tomorrow, she would (in this specific order):
a. Wake up and go to the ranch to ride horses
b. Go to Coldstone and get the Coldstone ice cream cupcake (Dani: "Because I haven't had one of those yet!!")
c. Ice skate at the Park City indoor skating rink
d. Go to Bali
e. Come back home and go to bed.

I mean, was this a class assignment??!! WOw. If I knew the end of the world was tomorrow-I would just curl up and eat donuts until I fell asleep.
5. My little American Indian is a little, er...
He put our electric kettle (that plugs into the WALL) on the stove in attempt to heat up some water. From across the room I saw flames rising from the stove. I guess he failed to see the chord attached to the mount that the kettle sits on. His excuse was, "I thought it was some new-modern kettle that had a rubber-like base."
Riigghht....rubber + heat = perfectly boiled water. ya, I see it.

I think my little American Indian needs some lessons in the kitchen...that or a chemistry lesson.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Must Love Dogs

This week Adam and I have been dog sitting for my parents while they are in DC. As i'm sure you know, they recently got an old english bulldog. Chloe.
My brother Casey found a website that listed 80 pure bred dogs and ranked their level of intelligence. Bulldogs were #77. ouch.
We also have Teddy, an Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix. Poodles come in at #2 on the list. Adam calls him "The Prince". He barks, only because he is protective--but Teddy really is the most obedient dog.
When we take both of them out on walks to do their business, Teddy practically brings toilet paper with him-Chloe on the other hand, well...can be found chewing old dog poop or barking at the sun. After hiking through the mountains for over an hour, we come in the house and right there in front of me, Chloe unloads. You can also find her atleast 3 times a day barking at her reflection in the window. Chloe doesn't eat her dog food, but rather the dog bowl. She also does tackle drills with our 16 year old cat. Isn't that like tackling a 112 year-old man???
Don't even get me started on the bed situation. Yes, our dogs sleep with us, and while many of you may disagree with this--if you saw how CUTE Chloe is you would understand how hard it would be NOT to sleep with her. I think we own the world's cutest but dumbest dog. Adam isn't too keen on having to share the bed-but it's kinda hilarious. Its like sharing the bed with 2 pigs. (Teddy being the other pig of course, not Adam ;) Not only does Chloe snore-she snores like a HUMAN. and LOUD too. I woke up in the middle of the night not upset, but rather in shock that such a sweet innocent-looking puppy could project such an ugly noise. Unbelievable.
She really is too cute for her own good. What's so sad is that whenever Chloe does something stupid, Teddy looks at her, then back at me with a look that says, "you've got to be kidding me". Poor Teddy.
I love Chloe tho because she is such a cuddle bug--and I would kiss her little face off, but she came in the house the other day with a snake hanging out of her mouth. a snake.

And P.S. Brett and Ash, Lucy comes in at #57. Still dumb, but fortunately not Chloe-dumb.