Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 things (I hate) Tagged*

This tag couldn't have come at a better time (not because I hate a lot of things), but because I am very bored, and nothing is more fun than making lists when you are bored. So here it goes...

1. I hate that the air conditioning in my car never works in the summer and always works in the winter.
2. I hate when people say "literally" ALL the time-especially when it doesn't make sense. For example-when girls say, "He literally broke my heart"--OK first of all, he didn't literally break your heart. This happens a lot on shows such as Laguna Beach or The Hills. Duh. Of course I watch these.
3. Whoever doesn't watch LOST. (Okay, I don't really hate you)
4. Weak Hugs
5. Having to get weighed when you are not expecting/planning on it. For example--getting fitted for skiis and boots, going skydiving, getting to the doctors office and forgettting that you have to step on a SCALE. ugh...
6. Leaving the curling iron/hairdryer/cellphone charger plugged in the wall after using it. It must come out when you are done with it. It must. Lamps....eh, they can stay plugged in.
7. When you listen to voicemails and you can hear everything perfectly but their NAME.
8. When people say that airplane food or school lunch is disgusting. c'mon-you know you love it.
9. Taking a bite of what you think is a chocolate chip cookie, then realizing its Oatmeal Raisin.
10. The Utah accent. "Nells", "Pellows", and "Melk".

I tag Emily Smith, Emily Gray, Joey+Lauren, Shelly Scharman, Brittany Pusey, Keri Mae, and Nicole Bradley. Ta Da!


Casey said...

Yes, I especially agree with 2,3 and 10. I would add:

11. The show "Heroes"

12. When people end their sentences with a preposition at.

13. Rampaging chimpanzees and the women who raise them.

14. This: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article2245953.ece

Erin Ewell said...

"Casey, yur fuuuuny." (If I were Mom, that's what i'd say) If there were 14 "I hates" I would DEFINITELY add your 4.

kaci said...

This is Kaci, Keri's sister?! First, I love checking out your crafty and cute blog. Second, I'm way into Lost right now too. Can you believe what happened last night? And three, I need some info on the cute, little girls that you make. I didn't know that you made them until recently, but now that I do know I think I need you to make some for Bailey's room. If you have time to be crafty right now, let me know. Sorry for the long and random post! I hope all is well in Utah!

kaci said...

So I'm going to look like a stalker since I'm posting two comments in a row, but I promise I'm not. If you happen to have any little brown-haired girls in possibly the theme of pink and brown--or anything close to it--let me know. I'll try to take some pics of her room, so you can see if you have anything that works. And if you couldn't tell by my blog, I have way too much fun dressing up Bailey!