Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dani Loo

I don't think you will ever meet a 10 year old as quick and witty as THIS little girl. SO FUNNY. The other night she had the clever idea to prank call Adam. I didn't question anything--I just let her do it and listened. Here's how it went:

Adam: Hello?

Dani (yelling in a british accent) : HELP! HELP! YOU'VE GOT TO HELP ME!

Adam: ?? Who is this ??

Dani (still in that genious accent) : It doesn't matter-thats not important! You've GOT to help me! 911! 911! Its an emergency! Call the Ambulance!

Adam (who we think is still on the phone...) : ???

Dani: I'm desperate! I need a SPOON!

This is where I looked at her with the most confused look (as i'm sure Adam was doing at the same time)

He hung up, but she wasn't having it, so of course she called him right back.

Adam: Hello?

Dani (yes, same accent) : How DARE you hang up on someone when they are asking for help! This is an emergency! I'd like to order a pepperoni pizza with holiday ham.

At this point we figured Adam heard me laughing in the background and that was it. Guess you had to be there. But it made my night. Holiday Ham???


Park City Barton's said...

Thank you for being my little erin. (british accent) dani loo

Mom and Dad said...
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