Saturday, June 13, 2009


I love hobnail. I could just eat it. And i'm proud of myself--I didn't start obsessing over it because everyone else and their dog was blogging about it-I found it BY. MY. SELF. This wedding gift would make me do back flips to San Diego and back. Please oh Please anybody out there, I will make you endless cakes and tarts and hosts birthday parties for dayzzz for you if you purchase this ever-so-lovely cake stand for me. And when i'm not baking, I will use it as :
a. a candle holder.
b. a seat for when i'm tired.
c. a dumbell.
d. a small dinner table for 2.

Oh, and I wouldn't mind THIS ONE either.
The butter dish is dang cute too...and the S & P shakers.
Take the weekend and think about it.