Tuesday, August 4, 2009

There are toooo many things I love about this kitchen.
First-the brick. 'nuff said.
Second-the white kitchen Aid. Everyone has rainbow colored kitchen-aids, and sometimes I get a little bit jealous because mine is white--but I still love it, and I get so excited when I see great kitchens with WHITE kitchen aids. Woot Woot!
Third-the gumball machine. I WILL, I repeat, I WILL have a gumball machine in my kitchen one day.
Fourth-the chalkboard pantry doors. I love this because it is EASY to do. Even though chalk dust makes me sneeze like there's no tomorrow--I would suck it up cuz my kitchen would be damn cute.
And lastly, The island. I think the idea of painting the base is a super cool idea.
Too bad we don't have an island.
Too bad our apartment is the size of that island.
I've always told Adam I could live on a pile of manure with him and be happy.
But this kitchen wouldn't hurt....


scott and lindsey said...

this kitchen is awesome!! i can't wait to see what your house will look like one of these days... please please come decorate mine too!!! i'll even help! i love that stuff!