Sunday, February 14, 2010

I remember the moment I fell in love with Adam. We were leaving his parents house at the end of the night and he was taking his dog Maggie out to pee. Romantic, I know. I remember standing outside waiting for him and watching him. He was so cute. He had just gotten his hair cut and he looked like a football player. I knew at that moment I would marry him.
Happy Valentines, to the one and only person i've ever been in love with.


Anonymous said...

*swoon*. I love stories like this, pee included.

Emily Lloyd said...

I really REALLY like your fringe!

Kera said...

i'm having weirdo issues with your blog. i can see updates in my reader but not on your blog. i wanted to say i really really like your hair in the thong pic, but it's not here. bangs and thongs are a good combo. lucky adam