Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I will post pictures of our weekend getaway soon. It was much too short but so much fun. Blue skies and perfect weather.
Friday my cousin Donald graduated from bootcamp-he is now a Marine! We were able to go to the base and welcome him back to real life (for now).
Afterwards we celebrated at the Town & Country Hotel. delish.

scout the wonder-yorkie.

Saturday we hit up the shops at Solana Beach, played at Karin's, helped her cook for the following day's brunch and jest vegged out. (we might have stolen cactus' from her neighbors yard...) Annddd.... what would a trip to San Diego be without hitting up Tader Joe's?? we had a plan of attack in there and boy did we attack. I was throwing stuff in the cart like the world was coming to an end and the only thing that was going to save us was chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and other unnecessary items from Trader Joe's. oh boy.

Finally Sunday morning Karin hosted a beautiful brunch for some close friends and it was fabulous. Pecan crusted french toasties, veggie fritatta, berries galore, croissants, homemade jams and oatmeal, chocolates and much much more. She went all out and I was there to punish it all. I would've attached a photo but by the end of the brunch it looked like I was smuggling croissants and chocolate truffles underneath my shirt.
It was a fun weekend getaway and I am so dang tired.

I came home to a sweet valentine surprise. My husband knows me all-too-well:

Ruth's Diner, more treats, and 'The Bachelor'.....ahh....it's nice to be home.


Lindsay and Scott said...

Totally obsessed with the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds too!!!!! So delish!

dave + kirst said...

yay! another 'Bachelor' devotee... we were doin the same thing with friends on v-day. couldn't have been better ;)