Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Saturday started bright and early with our garage sale. It was a success! We met lots of new neighbors and lots of interesting people. Afterwards we went to lunch with my parents, mowed the lawn, set up the new BBQ (by myself), bought new tires for my cruiser, took a bikeride around sugarhouse park, and then gourged our faces with pizza.
we zonked. but I hope every saturday is just as busy.
next weekend --> tear apart front yard.

Monday I bought geraniums for our back yard and we christened the BBQ with shish kabobs and grilled pineapple. delicious if I say so myself.

Last night we took another bike ride and ended up talking to our very green neighbors. Their home is completely solar. They even xeriscaped their lawn to conserve water AND they have chickens! They gave us a dozen eggs. I almost cried.
While talking to our eco friendly tree hugging neighbors, I realized that every freaking light in our house was on, we had two gas guzzling cars parked in the driveway, and the sprinklers were producing a bellagio fountain show in our backyard.

we need to work on being a little more eco-friendly.

TO remember this weekend, I had adam take an insanely cheesy, bobble-head photo of me in front of our "mystery" plant in the backyard:



keri mae rhineer said...

you are cute.. i want to buy a BBQ too... and i love riding my cruiser, i do to work sometimes

Anonymous said...

cute blog!! and i love your hair, you may or may not have just inspired me to finally get bangs. :)