Thursday, August 11, 2011

2 years

wedding day

About 3 years ago I worked as an event host and helped coordinate several weddings each week.
I worked with a lady named Sara. pronounced Sarr-uh.
She was cosmic.
Always talking about different energies and how the universe was constantly shifting. She said the word "energy" about 400 times every night I worked with her:

"That Bride has such negative energy..."
"The energy of this event just makes me want to dance!"
etc., etc.,
She even brought tarot cards to work and revealed my good fortune during our lunch breaks.
yup. she was far out.

The day after I broke up with Adam, Sara knew it. She said that I was emitting negative vibes and that my aura was bad. As if!

While the bridal party was dancing the night away next door, she pulled me aside in the office and told me to sit across from her. knees touching.

"yes, holistic energy healer" I said.

She then proceeded to recite some mantra. I was too weirded out to focus. I thought someone might walk in and think I was being converted to Buddhism that very moment.

She asked me to repeat everything she said. It ended a little more normal, saying things like, "I am worth it", "I am beautiful" etc., etc.,

But my favorite part was when she reached into her purse and pulled out a small vial.

Love Spray #11.

An energetic spray that assists in changing and uplifting the mood of a person, animal or the environment. Aligns you closer to the vibrational frequency of pure love each time you spray.

She spritzed the hell out of me.

Obviously I ended up falling in love and marrying Adam. He thinks it was because of his persistence;

I like to think it was Love Spray #11.


Lauren + Joey said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Tami Gemmell said...

I most say I LOVE your cute little bum in this picture....Happy Anni!!!It was a beautiful day 2 years ago.

Erika Hanks said...

I sure love that picture of you two!!! CONGRATS! We sure had fun hanging out a few weekends ago!!!

keri mae rhineer said...

i really like blog stalking you... i want to be like you!! hahaha (creepy) but serious!

Steve and Brittany said...

You have the funniest and coolest stories! Haha I like reading them! :)
Happy anniversary