Friday, January 6, 2012

oh, hello


My mom sent me an email today saying she missed my blog. I've felt a little uninspired lately, and writing about how we slept in until 10 am and stayed in our pajamas all day - every day during christmas break isn't really blog worthy.

But today I got ready, and we went out in the snow. It snowed! Finally!

And now I am home alone. watching The Notebook and eating canned pears for dinner. Geeeez...that's a really rainy sex scene they just showed on TV...

Don't worry Mom, i'm alone because Adam went to get a hair cut—but actually he just walked in and told me he has spent the past hour and a half at Thrift Town. Really?

See? You haven't missed much.

I promise my next post will be a tad more exciting. I hope.


keri mae rhineer said...

i am unemployed... and i have miss your blog too!! that is all i do.. blog stalk and sleep in... i like to call it treats n' snoozing!!

Emily Kathleen said...

I LOVE those boots!!!