Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another day at the office....

Centerpieces by Decoration Inc.
I liked the arrangements on the tables....again, I don't know if I would do this, but it's nice to see something different. Something other than roses. Roses are so 1992.

Cake by Liberty Heights Fresh in Salt Lake City
The cake! I love this!! Somebody knows how to think outside the box! This bride gets three gold stars in her forehead. Way to go sistah.
Everyday at work at least 42 people ask me what all the different types of flowers are. Instead of trying to remember the names of all 20,000 plants (yes, there are 20,000), I decided that I would make up my own names for them. For example, this plant is called an "Alium", but when visitors come to the garden and ask what it is, I simply say, "the Dr. Suess flower". And they believe me.