Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hydrangea your heart out

A mix of hydrangeas, bells of Ireland, chrysanthemums and cymbidium orchids made this wedding super coooool. I had a little fun with my work's camera--so the hydrangeas weren't really that cookie-monster blue. I wish.

p.s. I'm working the EmmyLou Harris concert tonight, so I will post some pics of that + more concerts to come :) Get the concert line-up HERE.


Brit and Drew said...

Do you design these weddings? They look amazing. What do you do at your awesome job?

Seth & Linds said...

Erin I stumbled across your blog through Nicole and Eric's blog. Your photos are amazing! Can't wait to see more!

Em said...

Hey...I love all of your pictures. Did you get a new camera? I'm looking at some new ones and was wondering if you still had your old one or if you got a new one. Any recommendations?