Saturday, July 18, 2009

I cried myself a river, then floated down it.

Yesterday was one of those days. I cried and cried. At work I answered the phones with tears in my eyes and stared at a blurry computer screen all day.
In attempt to cover the red saucer-sized blotches around my eyes, I decided to use half a tube of concealer on my face, but ended up looking somewhat like a transvestite.[Kinda like times when you put make-up on at Lake Powell, and end up looking like a wax figure.]
Very unattractive slash creepy.
I was able to look semi-female-ish before I left down to Salt Lake to go to a BBQ. Well, I get there and the first two people I see say to me, "WOW-what's wrong with your eye?!" and, "WOW-somebody's tired!"
Gee thanks. I'm sure you're on the pill too.
So after the party, we head over to Adam's house. Amanda comes home from work and starts crying. As every female specimen knows, this just gives me more reason to cry and I start sobbing too. I went to bed with raw eyelids and a puffy face. It was unpleasant, but I woke up to Adam kissing my cheek and I felt so much better.
Today is like the calm AFTER the storm-just little puppy wimpers here and there. I just want to crawl in a bed with the AC blasting and watch some quality reality TV. And eat carbs. Lots of carbs.


scott and lindsey said...

carbs always make everything better! ;)