Wednesday, July 22, 2009 numbers

Hours 'til I get to go home: 2
Annoying recording/sales calls at work: 4
Times i've wanted to smash the phone into the wall: 4
Hours I slept last night:
Times i've wanted to vomit: 4
Allergy pills taken today: Zipo!
Dove chocolates eaten: 3
Number of regrets : 3
Calories consumed: 210 + 50 + 330 + 120 + 10 = 720. EEK!
Calories allowed to consume the rest of the day: 5
Pounds needed to lose so I don't look like bloated hefer in my wedding dress: 5
Days until the wedding: 20 DOUBLE EEK!


becky & lance said...

erin, you have to eat more than 725calories a day! you DO NOT need to lose 5 pounds, you'll look anorexic, and i can't believe you only have 20 days left.....WOO HOO, SO EXCITING!!!

Lauren & Joey said...

Ohmygosh, 20 days!!! Yay! Was in SD last weekend and drove by their BEAUTIFUL Temple. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see pictures pretty lady!

kerimaemiller said...

erin... you are the cutest... you dont need to drop the lbs.. you look wonderful!! you are almost going to be married!!!!!!!!!!!