Saturday, November 7, 2009

Being Ingrid at the Buckaroo Fair.

I have this alter-ego who is not very nice. She is extremely snarky and almost always has a furrowed brow and a horrendous temper.
Her name is Ingrid.
I really really don't like it when I become Ingrid, but I really really can't help it. Adam really really doesn't like it either, and thank goodness I wasn't Ingrid on our wedding day or else he would have thought twice about putting that ring on my finger.

SO last night was the Cowboy Poetry and Buckaroo Fair in Heber and Erin really wanted to go, but Ingrid did NOT. We ended up going and Ingrid complained the whole way there. Ingrid hates anything social, fun, or wholesome, and you can bet-your-boots the Buckaroo fair is all 3 of these. Once we arrive we find out tickets to the Buckaroo dance were 22 bucks a pop! "Woo Hoo!" Ingrid thought, "we don't have to dance! We can just get in the car and go home." But no no no, the Buckaroo fair is more than just a dance; there are booths and booths of cowboy-indian-polygamous-paraphernalia for dayyysss. So we did the two-step through each booth and Ingrid started feeling a little better, but she didn't want anyone to know.
After our fair share of saddles, chaps, and boot straps, we decide to head home. FINALLY. As we pass the entrance to the Buckaroo dance, we notice no one is sitting out front taking tickets anymore. So whattyaknow, everyone decides it would be a good idea to sneak in and have the last dance at the Buckaroo Fair. "UGH. You've gotta be kiddin' me", says Ingrid under her breath. We shuffle into the dance and have some quality-people-watching-time. Ingrid hates cowboys.

So after 5 minutes, Erin finally says, "We have to dance-c'mon."

It was fun, however, at that point Ingrid realized she married the worst.dancer.on.the.planet.
She was yelling and criticizing poor Adam the whole night telling him everything he was doing wrong. This boy ain't got no rhythm. and i accept that cuz he's stinkin' cute.
Overall, it was fun and i'm glad we ended up dancing--even though it looked more like we were gently wrestling to music.

Adam: "I wish I could dance better."
Erin: "I wish you could too."
Adam: "If I was dancing with Erin and not Ingrid, I would have done better."

And no, we didn't take one photo. Ingrid hates photos.


Zak and Emily Smith said...

That was the funniest thing I've ever read!! Oh man, I think Erin needs some 'Emily Time'... We need to hang out soon!!

Whitney said...

I too have a crabby alter ego, but we call her Sheila. She and Ingrid would enjoy being miserable together. We're coming to Utah on the 21st.

dave + kirst said...

Oh Erin, in all our years together I didn't know you had a name for her, but I do distinctly remember Ingrid ;) j/k my friend.

Ate Cafe Rio with your parents Saturday night, they say hello btw ;) Also ran into Jenny Hardman and Jerilyn! It was a hoping place.

dave + kirst said...

and by 'hoping' i meant 'hopping' :D

ana said...

this was really fun to read! I have one alter ego too, but I haven't named her yet, that's fun! mine is really a Bitch some times...

kerimaemiller said...

haha... erin.. i love your blog.. i am sitting here laughing out loud in the library!!!!! people are looking...