Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last night was so much fun. I told Adam not to come to my Parents because I didn't think I going to be there long. WELL..... My Mom and I went on a winter wonderland walk in the snow with the dogs, then came home and ate some yummy Chili. Daniel came over and we carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds. We also ate Halloween candy and Pirate's Booty. Damn those Pirates. Then it began to snow.
i was there late.
adam was sad he missed out.
i told him it wasn't that fun.
(it was.)

so friggin festive we are.


adamtbuie said...

You're such an artist. I love your craftsmanship. You need to go into the pumpkin carving business and then we'll retire young.

dave + kirst said...

sounds fun , my pumpkin is waaay betta though ;D

ana said...

sometimes you have to tell little lies... what an amazing time you had with your family... love the pumpkins :)