Friday, December 11, 2009

It's hard chring to like yourself.

The other day I was going through my childhood treasure box when I found my 1st grade class journal. I remember every day before the bell rang we got to sit or lay down anywhere in the classroom, relax, and write a page in our journal about anything. Reading everything I wrote had me rolling, and apparently I was very specific about what I like to be called...
journal 001
And this one is my favorite....
journal 002
I still cespeshaly love my Mom and Dad.


Lei said...

Erin, or Erin Ewell,... no just Erin.-

I had to laugh at your darling childhood journal.
See how cute you even were back then?
Who would have thought you would be Erin Ewell BUIE now? I love that you are... and that you cespesshally love my son Adam.
Your journal also said Jon Jon was on a (mescian) and would be home when you turned eight. How cute you were to think of that.!
Cespheshaly yours,
Your 1 andonly M- in- Law

becky and lance said...

haha this is SOOOOOOOOOOO funny! omg i am seriously rolling on the ground! i wonder why sometimes hated yourself?! ahh to be young....

Anonymous said...

Stop it... You could write that well in first grade?? That is amazing. You were a SMART kid!!!