Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas 09 017
Christmas 09 022
Christmas 09 026
Christmas 09 007
Christmas 09 028
Husband = Good Shopper.
Erin Lee = Happy Girl.
Chloe + box of Sees Candy = Punishment.
Punishment = Christmas Sweater.
Chloe = Humiliated.
Christmas = Wonderful.


becky and lance said...

haha that sweater on chloe is SOOOO funny! she really does look humiliated! and your red headband thingy is so cute...tai pan? we saw your mum there yesterday and she said your doin fab! good to hear! happy new year!

Lauren + Joey said...

Love this post. And Chloe grew to a little ladypup overnight! She is the cutest dog!! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas in the New Wive's Club. :)

xoxo, Lauren