Friday, January 15, 2010

Animal Update (for Mom)

* They are being walked and entertained almost constantly.
* Teddy loves me more and more each time you leave town.
* Chloe thinks the litter box is his doggy bowl.
* Teddy misses you terribly. I found him in your bedroom the other night flipping through old photo albums and wimpering whenever he came across a photo of you.
* We ran out of food last night; Adam considered roasting Chloe.
* Moochie has spent 99.9% of the time lying in front of the space heater.
* Brady, Adam, and I have also spent 99.9% of the time lying in front of the space heater.
* The animals have thoroughly enjoyed watching quality reality televison with us, such as: The Bachelor, American Idol, and Moochie's favorite, Project Runway.
* Ringo flew in through the back door. Miracle.
* They can't wait to see you, and by golly-we miss you too!!!


tkg said...
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Troy Boy said...

Do you remember how devastating it was (for maur maur) when ringo flew away ...I completely forgot about that. Don't worry maur maur, he is probably living it up at some island resort in the Caribbean.

scott and lindsey said...

looks like you better get home! ;)

you crack me up! I read that post you left me and just had to laugh. I hope the brownies were delish.. yum!

Zak and Emily Smith said...

OH MY GOSH... Ringo... no joke I forgot all about that bird! I just remember yelling and yelling for that bird.