Friday, January 29, 2010

"Because I am Me" (Childhood Diaries, part II)

I've learned to turn to my first grade journal whenever I am feeling down-or if I just need a good Laugh.
Some mornings I wake up feeling heffer-ish, frumpy, and lazy. Even adam said I looked like an aboriginie the other day with my hair all out of whack. That bad, huh?
And I don't even have kids yet! Sheesh.
Then there are the days I wish I was 2 sizes smaller with olive skin and nails that don't chip every 6 days. arg.
Apparently, I used to like myself. A lot:
journal 003
Who knew my 7-year old self was so profound??
I had to have been a very secure [and spiritual] little girl, because in that same journal I write that nobody in the class likes me or will play with me (really). Can you imagine reading that in your First-Grader's journal?! AH! It made me want to cry reading it myself!
ANYWAY, so the moral of the story is that : today, I will like what I am. aboriginie or not.
I will instill this concept in my children, and pray to all that is Holy that they will have more friends than I did. eek.



Anonymous said...

see, this is a good journal entry! I just found my journals from middle school and only after reading 3 pages, I threw them all out. I was a brat!