Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Diaries of a Home owner, Part I

1. We bought a home built in the 1930's right in the heart of Sugarhouse on a tree lined street. While this is my greatest dream, old homes come with their own set of problems: renovations, lack of storage space, ghosts, etc, etc.

2. We are looking for tenants. We have the cutest MIL apartment downstairs. We prefer girls. Preferably a homely girl who likes to bake treats for her landlords, has no interest in guys, works 15 hour days and is OCD about cleanliness.....

3. We had tenants back-out last night. They felt really bad-but they said they will bring us by some ionized water. really? water? Maybe it's a good thing we didn't rent to those wackos.

4. My Dad replaced all the locks in the house so that (and I quote) " You won't get raped".
thanks, Dad.

5. It has a RED front door. Now c'mon!

I promise I will post some pictures once adam and I stop living like hobos and unpack more shtuff.
But I can't promise them anytime soon, cuz we're leaving in 5 days! BBAAHH!


Lindsay and Scott said...

Oh my gosh...it sounds gorgeous though! I love Sugarhouse!!!!

Em said...

ERIN! I have a friend who needs a place to rent. She is specifically looking for a basement type apartment. Email me the details as soon as you get a chance. Oh yeah, and I hope you had a blast in Europe, lucky duck!