Friday, July 23, 2010

KOL concert

Sat outside on the grass with this cute boy.
summer2010 017
summer2010 021
I also ran into this little gem:
summer2010 001
While everyone-literally-every around us was rollin' doobies, we managed to smuggle in chewy jolly ranchers, mambas, and nibs. such rebels.
We also managed to not get high. heh.
I also looked like a nun compared to all the hootchies other girls there.
Gotta love West Valley.


Brett and Ashley Beynon said...

Hey Erin! A couple things...first, Brett & I were very jealous of you guys for getting to go to this concert, second, that J.Crew top looks SO cute on you (almost got it, but it looks terrible on me) and third, please tell your husband to stop looking like Billy Riggins! We love and miss you guys like crazy!

Emily Kathleen said...

That little red haired gem next to you works at the jr. high Tanner went to up here in Bountiful. If you see that little gem of a Jerilyn again give her a hug from me - then have her hug you back for me as well.

scott and lindsey said...

you guys are too cute! I'm really loving your bangs! I want them... although my face is gonna start getting even fatter, so that might not be the best look for me right now ;) possibly post-preg. You make me miss summers in Utah. Looks like fun! Although with all of that sure you didn't haven't the munchies?.....hmmmmmm