Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No, I didn't die. I just lost all motivation to blog and i'm sorry I neglected my 3 readers. Maureen was especially concerned-"i've been checking your blog daily-are you OK?"
Why do people assume the worst if you haven't posted in 5 days?
Ok maybe it's been longer than that....
Actually-it was food poisining! Yuuuck! barf. barf.
Actually we have been so friggin busy.
Actually I have been running in circles trying to put our house together.
Actually our Refrigerator broke down and it almost put me in tears. shocker.
(why did I capitalize Refrigerator???)
Actually my flickr account expired and i'm too frugal to cough up the 24 buckaroos to renew it.... we now have a mortgage people!
But that didn't stop us from antiquing yesterday with Ice and Soph and buying super-cute old stuff.
AND....I haven't been getting much sleep:
A. Food poisining
B. Excessive Caffeine intake
C. Adam yelling in the middle of the night in his sleep. yelling.

But I am back. And what's a better way to start off than finishing up our UK adventure with pictures of LONDON!
I love London. Holy Canoley. Holy Fish and Chips.
Notting Hill? Are you kidding me? Portabello Road? Really?
Right off the tube we met up with these crazy cats and had a bALL. No, I am not in my second trimester. It was the fried waffle and ice cream I just snarfed. DSC03609
I may or may not have watched "Notting Hill" on our flight to London....

I apologize for the skee-wonky/fuzzy/bleh photos.
Being frugal sucks.
I vill be back.


Emily Kathleen said...

Well . . . if you have 3 followers - that makes 1 more than me!I almost have a heart attack every time someone (you and Lauren) comment. But it does bring a big smile to my face! I love your pics - but you know what I would love more? If I was in those pics with you!!! Love you Erin - missed you on Sunday.

keri mae rhineer said...

I stalk you. Nbd. I am. Just a home body with no life. did you go to the rack this friday? Oh life. I want to see your house and then have you decorate mine too. The end. Have a good day.

AmeeLove said...

I have been wondering where the heck you have been..... Im glad you are back! and please stay that way and maybe you should show me some pictures of your house so we don't feel left out.
Thanks. Bye.

Emily Lloyd said...

I am a stocker of your blog too! I agree and would like to see pictures of your house. I was in SL last weekend and wanted to come over and see the place.