Saturday, September 18, 2010

shape up or ship out

Last year just a few months before my wedding my Mom and I took a trip down to San Diego to finalize wedding plans. Our good friend Pia suggested we come see her personal trainer and have a work-out session at the gym. I thought it was a good idea-after all, i've always wanted to see a trainer and Pia's got a rock-hard bod, so I thought what the heck!
This was a bad decision.
I have never worked out like that in my life.
The warehouse was intimidating enough, but Markshane? are you kidding me? Her trainer is a dark chocolate Greek God? And i'm expected to focus. heh.


So the work-out began. He told me multiple times to go outside. to puke.
And if that wasn't enough-he got down in my face while doing push-ups and in true-drill sargeant fashion yelled, "C'mon E! 5 more! Here comes the bride!"

At that point I didn't care if I looked like Jabba the Hut walking down the aisle. I wanted this to be over.
The next day was worse. I literally couldn't sit up in bed.
So when Pia sent me this video today with the note, "We missed you at the workout!", I had to admit, I didn't miss them at all.

Don't let that 89 1/2 year-old woman fool you.
I'm sure she's got buns-o-steel. And can bench a buck and a half.
Oh, and FYI-Pia is the one doing the ring push-ups. She's a machine.



keri mae rhineer said...

i will be your workout party... i have let go since i have been married!! haha

Whitney said...

Oh the things I aspire to do that I will never do. Let's face it.

pia said...

All of us @ Markshane's SHAPE-UP Studio were so excited to be a part of the video. The invitation stands to come and workout with us.
Erin, love your BLOG you are such the wordsmith very cool. Greetings your workout buddy in San Diego.

Emily Kathleen said...

I like you exactly the way you are Erin. And Adam.