Friday, November 12, 2010

{driving in scotland}
Sorry for the hiatus--i've had writer's's block?
I'd like to say we've been extremely busy-but actually we've been hermit-ing in our house all week watching season 4 of Friday Night Lights. I may or may-not have cried when Tim Riggins went to prison for his brother. I think it made me cry because:
a) Adam looks like Billy Riggins.
b) I was in prison the night before.
Literally. I went to prison Wednesday night. No, no, no, it's not what you're thinking....and this post would be a lot more exciting if I was locked up in the pen, but actually we went for a Young Women's activity (strange?). a little.
I was not expecting to sit and talk to 4 inmates about their lives in the slammer, but it was incredibly interesting and touching listening to these women share their testimonies. yes, testimonies. It was amazing how these young, YOUNG girls still had self worth despite their horrific pasts and what they've faced over the past 10+ years in prison. What surprised me most was learning how they've gained a relationship with their Heavenly Father.

“the power of the Savior to heal and bring peace and joy to those who have suffered so much at the hands of others . . . and the power of the Savior to heal those who have caused suffering. . . . He heals all! Those who suffer and those who cause suffering - we all receive such mercy because of His suffering”

So last night we went to the Temple and I couldn't get this thought out of my mind. An institute teacher once told me that there is more equality in our trials than we think. I've always had a hard time believing this, especially after visiting these girls; but I know that depsite our trials and wrong-doings, we are all healed and made perfect through the Atonement. I left feeling very grateful for my life and the freedoms I enjoy.

So those are my thoughts this week. er....i feel like i should tell a joke or something.
On a lighter note,
We came home after the Temple and watched more Friday Night Lights.



keri mae rhineer said...

FNL is the best.. HECK YES you cried... i did like 5 time!! I am so excited for season 5!

Emily Lloyd said...

Thanks for your spiritual thought! Its was good for me to read and remember. I went to the prison in High School for a class once and I was blown away too. It was PRETTY interesting. Made me grateful to be me and have my problems.

Em said...

I finished FNL last night. Finally caught up. I love that you love it to. I love your spiritual thought. You are the best. And heres my random part of my comment. I totally thought of you the other day, when I ALMOST bought a leather skirt like the one you used to have when I saw it the other day cause it reminded me of all the fun at the village :)