Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I promise this blog isn't going to turn into a huge list of stuff I want.
Ok who am I kidding of course it is.
I was thinking of all the ways I can snatch one of these pajama sets from toast. Maybe if I don't fill my gas tank this week I can purchase the autumn leaf set. I will drive the scooter up the canyon every day to work. ...hmm...
or maybe we will skip the groceries this week and dive into our food storage. During these hard economic times I think it is perfectly rational and necessary to have a beautiful pajama set that costs 69 POUNDS....bleh. I don't even want to do the conversion.
...maybe its a blessing they aren't carrying my size.

I also promise I will post more wholesome "mom blog" things-like how our Thanksgiving went, what I am thankful for, and maybe a picture of the apple pie I made.
From now on you can call me 'Erin Betty Crocker Buie'. Say that 10 times fast.

By the way--December is here tomorrow!!!!!!! EEK!

p.s. please bless you can sense my sarcasm.


Casey said...

69 pounds = $108.73

Erin Lee said...

....thanks, but i didn't really want to know that ;)