Friday, January 14, 2011

birthdays and blabberings

Some people blog every flippin' day. I try to blog frequently-but sometimes there just isn't anything to blog about. I mean-nothing! If I were to blog every day i would end up talking about what we had for dinner the night before or maybe something adam said in his sleep...or the weird texts I get late at night from unknown numbers that say things like: "HOLA COMO ESTAS". (but really--who are you?)
I remember one of my roomates in college said that if she found my journal and started reading it she would probably fall asleep. "SNORE!" is the exact word she used.
Wow, thank you banshee roommate. I wasn't too offended since she was somewhat of a wild child and lets just say the things that were written in our journals were probably very...different. I'm sure if I read her journal my virgin eyes would melt and i would feel pretty violated and stripped of my innocence.

let's stop there.

Anyway, back to my point--my blog seems a little dry and i'm sorry if you hate looking at my plants, or hearing me gush about my husband, or think it's a waste of time reading about all the reasons I love my Dad. It is therapeutic for me.
It is also therapeutic talking to my best friend who just happens to have a birthday this weekend. I think it would be a lot more interesting if I blogged about the conversations I have with that girl. Now THAT would be quality blogging.

Even my old roommate would enjoy that.


Chelsea said...

I sure hope I'm not THAT college roommate!!! ;)

But I do remember loving hearing you use the term banchee. I really need to find more reasons to say that...

Keep blogging- your mundane is spicy to me!!!

keri mae rhineer said...

i like... i read... i feel the same way about my blog

Emily Kathleen said...

I live the most boring, innocent, sheltered life, that the only things I have to blog about is Grant . . . and . . . well I guess that is pretty much it. I love your blog Erin. AT least you have humor!

Emily said...

I love your blog! Blog as much as you want or dont want (no blog rules) but keep it coming!