Thursday, January 6, 2011

resolutions, shmesolutions
just peachy
(photos from here)
I think it is important each year to set a goal to learn something new or take up a new hobby. Since I will never on this good green earth get into shape, I figured I would set a goal that I know I would accomplish.
Enter Canning 101
This year I am going to learn how to make jam. Not just make jam, but can jam. the whole sterilization/sealing process kinda gives me a headache. I've always been intimidated, but there is something so satisfying, so rewarding about eating the jam you made from your own two hands.
(or so i imagine)
Last week a friend dropped off some homemade peach jam and I have been savoring every bite. I have become a jam addict. Adam will find me in the middle of the night passed out on the kitchen floor with jam on my face.
Drunk on jam.
jelly coma.

har. har. har. i'm the funniest person i know.

I spent the morning looking at HER tutorial.
I'm not going to let it overwhelm me-i'm going to learn, and partake of this jelly goodness! All for one and one for all!!

Monday----> Can-day.


Catherine said...

Good for you, Erin! Homemade jam is awesome. I make homemade jam every year, but I always make homemade freezer jam since it's a lot easier than canning it. Let me know if you want help making the jam. I'm excited to hear how it goes!

AmeeLove said...

Erin if i can make home made jam.... you sure as heck can too!!!

dave + kirst said...

Ooh that peach jam looks amazin! Though I perfer fresh peaches and raspberry freezer jam meself. I've made it in the past and would LOVE to do not do it all by mylonesome if you want to make it together Erin?

Steve and Brittany said...

I want to learn too! I got a pressure cooker for christmas (an initiation into motherhood!) and I am trying to not be overwhelmed with the thoughts of learning how to use it. Make sure to post when you do it so you keep me motivated to really do it! :)