Saturday, September 3, 2011

swiss miss

I am wiped out. We spent the past 2 days in Midway for Swiss Days. It's a tradition whenever Karin is in town.
Karin is like my second Mother. Well...actually I have a lot of second mothers. But really-she IS my other mother. She was in the hospital the day I was born, she sat behind me as I signed my marriage license...and my children will probably call her grandma one day.

Anyway, she's hilarious and Swiss Days wouldn't be the same without her.

Unfortunately I only took one picture:

Maureen says it looks like a wiener. real mother is pretty hilarious too.


Em said...

Erin! I went up to this, and thought you might be up here as well. My phone was dead so I thought I might 'run' into you. How naive of me. I wish I would have!

Emily Kathleen said...
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