Tuesday, October 4, 2011

hello stranger.
I'm sorry it's been so long. I had a little anxiety attack last week due to a little hiccup in my life, but all is well!
Except it's past midnight and i'm wide awake. I knew I wouldn't be able to fall sleep tonight after my hour long nap earlier today. I woke up at 5 pm in a panic thinking I was late to work.

Once I get my groove back, I will post everything we've been up to-including 4 birthday celebrations. Did I mention I am now in my late 20's??? bleh. Oh, and i'm married to a 30 year old. yikes. (and no...that's wasn't the cause of my anxiety attack ;)
heh. heh.
i'm funny.


Zak and Emily Smith said...

I adore you!! Your the most amazing women I know! love ya