Monday, October 10, 2011


My Birthday is the gateway to my favorite time of year.
I stole some of these photos from Patsy's blog. Patsy is my little brother's ladyfriend.
Just when I want to wallop the backside of his head, he does cute things like host fall parties with her and buy me nice birthday gifts.
Anyway, she's a keeper and my brother better not screw this up.

This weekend was very festive. Besides coordinating what to wear with Troy (see above), we also attended a Godfather-themed murder mystery party. I missed the memo on what to wear and showed up looking like a Real Housewife of New Jersey. It was kind of ideal.

Next on my list is pumpkin patch, haunted forest, and a scary movie make-out.
in that order.


Emily Kathleen said...

Love the jean jackets - of course! I now am going to pull my 6 year old jean jacket out of my closet and wear it!

Whitney said...

Even though he's a tool, I want to see more Adam-from Scott not whitney.