Saturday, December 27, 2008

He's Comin' Home!

We are so proud of our little Mexican. I've always wanted a foreign exchange student to stay at our house, and in 5 more days, my dream will come true. We will be waiting with our sombreros and a complete mariachi band. Some things I simply CAN'T wait for....
Your dirty accent (and yes, you do have one-i've heard it and it is discusting)...Your ridiculous dancing..."Puuurrple"...Your first date with HER ...You to be back in my phone...Scrabble and SaltLake-opoly marathons...Singing "Jam Jam!" with Grandma...Timmy Tacos...Catching up on LOST...Making up ridiculous new names on airplanes and telling people if they ask....Your free running skills....and of course, Our time capsule... I know you will be sad to leave, but there are so many people here excited to see you-- Felicitaciones hermano, bien hecho.


kerimaemiller said...

hello brady!! haha!!! o and my sister kaci wants some of your pictures that you draw for her baby's room!!