Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Washing the VW in my undies. Circa 1987

Finding these today made me happy :) I think the cutest thing about these pictures are my little scrub marks.
Can't you just tell in the first picture i'm singing to myself???
Oh, to have those thick bangs again...

P.S. While i'm here, I thought i'd add that i'm slighty obsessed with THIS at the moment


Zak & Emily Smith said...

I LOVE those pictures, your cute legs!! I just know your children will look like that! And I totaly think your singing!

Brit and Drew said...

I love that video and song too!! There is no way that one of the dancers is a guy!

Casey said...

I am also obsessed with that song! Seriously. Ask me to do my Beyonce impression when I come home.

Chelsea said...

I was thinking the same thing as Emily! What cute legs!

These pictures make me happy too, thanks for sharing!

Joey and Lauren said...

MISS EWELL!!! How are you? I'm slightly obsessed with Beyonce's song at the moment too, haha :) Brings back some memories of cheer - I'm pretty sure there would have been some sort of half time that included that song. :) Well, it looks like you are doing well. Are you in Utah? What's been happening in your life?

Lots of love, Lauren

Also! I have a blog, too: laurenandjoey.blogspot.com

Miss ya chica!