Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Lee!

Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you have a great day-
You are such a WoNdErFuL Dad and I love you because....
you take me fishing in 10 foot swells, you look dang cute in a sweater vest, you take our family to Akumal, you once called Taco Bell "Timmy's Tacos", you chaperoned my 6th grade class to the gold mines because I was scared outof my bloody mind, and...last but not least, you've modeled (recently, people). Happy Birthday Beef & Cheese! I love you SO much!

Erin LEE!


Olsen Family said...

Erin your blog is so perfect! I love your pictures. What are you up to? Where are you in life? How is your amazing family? I love your dad and mom. SO cute. Please get back to me. You look great.