Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This has felt like the longest fall yet! I love that it hasn't SNOWED, and we still have a week of 50-degree weather to come!
Last night Adam and I saw, "Where the Wild Things Are". Interesting. I loved the sound track. Very interesting. Thoughts, anyone???
We spent the FULL weekend in Midway eating, sleeping, watching Harry Potter, and creating a skirt out of my scarf so I could go to church on Sunday.
It was WWWONNNNDERFULLLL...Church that is, the scarf....not so much.
Also, my parents came home from DC and brought me back my very own peanut bowl!!! For all of you who have never been to the Ewell Home, since I can remember we have always had a (quite) large peanut bowl in our kitchen. It is the perfect place to hang out, take a seat around the island and snarf down a few hundred pistachios. Like a Bar, if you will. And yes, there are usually peanut shells on the floor. gross?

I can't beleive I have my very own peanut bowl.
Such a big girl.
Lets hope this week will fly by as quickly as last week did.
ciao for now.


Scott Christopherson said...

tell your husband he is the biggest chump I know.

Erin Lee said...


Shauna said...

I'm so happy to see your blog back!

dave + kirst said...

erin where do you stay in midway?

Em said...

Im dumb. Can you please teach me how to insert links into my posts, when you click on the word. Email me or something :) Thanks!