Saturday, September 11, 2010

magic 8 balls and bowling balls.

Last night we went bowling on a whim. The game only lasted about 15 minutes.
geez, that was an expensive 15 minutes.
This boy is so cute I kick myself when I think back to the times I wanted him to stop asking me out on dates. I told his friends to tell him to stop asking me out on dates.
I'm a brat.
One night while dating we were at his parents house and I found a magic 8 ball in their guest bedroom closet. Don't ask me why I was rummaging through their guest bedroom closet; I realize this makes me sound like a paranoiac--going through my boyfriend's parents stuff, but that glowing black ball immediately peaked my interest. I was in the bedroom alone, and without hesitation I asked the magic 8 ball my million dollar question:

"Am I supposed to marry Adam?"

With a quick flip of the ball, I waited for the floating triangle to settle in place--

"Outlook not so good"

Now I don't know about the rest of you, but I have always been pretty superstitious. In highschool, Emily and I would play with tarot cars at night on the back deck and light candles....but that post can wait for another day. ANYWAY, the rest of the evening I thought that magic 8 ball was the answer to my destiny.

Today we have been married 13 months. and my outlook has never been better.
I threw that damn ball away.

Now lets bowl.
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Fausett Family said...

Bowling gets longer with kids. We go as a tradition every year on Christmas day. You guys are so cute. When you gonna come visit us in Vegas,then Adam can see his favorite cousin (that would be me!). The weather is awesome.

court-court said...

I am really glad you married him and that we are neighbor/Europe friends. I can't wait for Friday! I need to get a Buie fix... and an umbrella. :-)

Zak and Emily Smith said...

I was laughing so hard when I read this.. good times on the deck!!