Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The whole fam damily headed down south for the birthday festivities. We crammed as many activities and food in as possible.

St. George Sept. 2010 004St. George Sept. 2010 013

What better way to celebrate than with YOGURTLAND and My Little Pony cupcakes?! And babies eating those cupcakes. Hello 26!

St. George Sept. 2010 031St. George Sept. 2010 045St. George Sept. 2010 028

Can't beat a lazy Sunday morning at the Buie Manor. Happy Birthday Scott T!

St. George Sept. 2010 021St. George Sept. 2010 027St. George Sept. 2010 055

And more outings and presents....for Adam's Birthday of course. I spy....2 babies, a bear claw, and 2 brothers with the same scary expression on their face.

Phew! I'm birthday-ed out. We walked away from this trip a little bit older and a little bit plumper.

Until next year!


Scott Christopherson said...

that same scary expression. Hilarious.

nicole said...

I laughed at the same scary expression too. HAHA!

Unknown said...

I don't like pictures of toddlers eating cupcakes. People think they're cute but they're not.