Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our home is all decked out. I think this has become my favorite holiday. Leianne would be proud, and my Mom would say, "Erin Lee....!"
She calls me Erin Lee when she's impressed with something I did or if i'm dressed cute or made her a gift.
Hence the name of my blog. Hopefully it's something she can be proud of. heh.
I'm just a little nervous about leaving all those pumpkins on our front door step. So I prayed about it. naturally.

"Please bless no one steals our pumpkins or smashes them because I spent a lot of time and money picking those out and that would be very very sad if someone did that.

Please don't smash our pumpkins.
But pleeeasse come visit!

muaahh haa haa haa!


Emily Kathleen said...

Will you please email me your address so I can come and see your pumpkins as well as bring your your CHUTNEY!!! Thank you Mrs. Adam.