Friday, October 15, 2010

where the crap is my stuff.

I was looking through a bunch of photos from last year and stumbled across some pictures from my Bridal shower in San Diego. wtf. where is all that stuff I got?
This freaking cute casserole dish?
never seen it in my life.

This glass pitcher and SET of goblets?
beats me.

Polka dot?

I remember what I did bring back from that trip. A garlic press.


Tami Gemmell said...

I really don't mind picking them up for you ....I'm just so close...I'll take care of them and/or use them until you need them...I mean really it's NO big deal.:)

Brett and Ashley Beynon said...

So...don't even worry Erin, we got a nice wok & a super cute pie dish and I have no idea what ever happened to them?!? I know how ya feel ;( you almost wish you would've just forgot about them...