Monday, October 11, 2010

Thriller will make you pee your pants

Went and saw Thriller at the Egyptian Theater last weekend with Maureen, Mikki & the kids. I loved it in a smaller theater. I could feel the zombie sweat from the stage. Maureen may or may not have peed her pants during a scary part. That just doesn't happen at Kingsbury Hall. sorry.
This made me want to be a dancer.
This made me want to be a zombie.
How sad is it that Dani is the same height as me? I used to change that girls diaper. sheesh. I'm getting old.
But i'm not too old to dress up as a zombie dancer for Halloween. DONE!

P.S. Brady's joke over the Dinner table Sunday night:

Why can't ghosts have babies?

Adam's guess:
*********Because they don't have boo!bies.
*********Because they have halloweenies.

Why was I not surprised Adam's answer had something to do with boobs.


keri mae rhineer said...

haha.. love that joke. i got it once on a laffy taffy. i didnt know you fed my pet fish... that is funny!!

Emily Kathleen said...

How old is Adam?

dave + kirst said...

oh dave would have said THE SAME thing. boys. gotta love 'em... i guess ;)