Wednesday, December 8, 2010

thrifty chic

I am an interior design school drop-out. I dropped out because I had wanderlust. I had itchy feet. I vanted to travel zee vorld. So I did. Then got a degree in international travel some more, of course.
The funny thing is that after I dropped out, I HATED design books. They reminded me of something I never finished. They reminded me that I was a QUITTER.
Well, that hatred towards design books is looong gone. That realization came to me last week when I found myself in an igloo of design books in the uptairs corner of Barnes & Noble. They became my crack cocaine. And I wouldn't mind adding these to the igloo:


stocking stuffers, please.
zank you.


Catherine said...

Ooh, ooh, me too...I want zee books as well. Ever since I met Christine, I have taken more interest in design. Tuesday, I found a gorgeous armoire on ksl for only $100. Such a bargain, and it looks soooo pretty in my house. Then today at Target, I bought some cute brown and cream totes to put on my shelves. Come visit me, Erin, so you can see. :)

Unknown said...

I need another post soon, please.