Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yesterday was someones Birthday...

Here we go!

L oves fishing, sports, the outdoors, and his family.
E rin is his favorite child. "Emily comes in a close second."
O ne of the warmest people you'll ever know.
N ever sleeps in past 6 am

W illing to give you the shirt off his back.
I s missing half of his pointer finger.
L ives and loves the Gospel.
L oves my Mom even though we make fun of her.
I know I am biased, but he is the smartest person I know.
A funny Dad. He tries to speak spanish, and it is...well, precious.
M aureen is his lover. and they like to go to vegas. a lot.

E veryone.Loves.Him. To know Leon is to love him.
W orks harder than anyone I know.
E njoys MacGyver-ing. He can build or fix anything.
L oves to travel. And supports me in my traveling...hehe.
L eads by example. There needs to be more Leons in this world!

Happy Belated Birthday Daddio, Leon, Lee, Big Pike.
I love you to the moon!

Erin Lee.


Emily Kathleen said...

You mean Lee's birthday ISN'T the 23rd? I love that little quirk in your family Erin. Of course . . . I LOVE ALL the little quirks in your family - they make the Ewells PERFECT! Love and miss you kiddo.

Fausett Family said...

Happy Birthday to my cool Uncle Lee. But I have to say I'm a little disappointed if he comes to Vegas a lot and doesn't see his favorite niece in the whole world. All you guys have to do is call me, I'll even meet you down in "tourist land."