Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday! Friday! Friday!

It seems my Friday posts have become my weekend to-do list. There is usually so much going on, but this weekend I can't say we have any exciting plans.
I'm hoping to convert our junk room into a study for Adam and attempt to get rid of the 1 lb block of chocolate in our pantry by making cookies. Pretty exciting, huh?
cute husband
Adam is hopefully starting grad school next month (while keeping his full time job). I got a glimpse of what life will be like when he spent the other night awake until 2 in the morning working on admissions and fixing his resume. bleh. I sat in the living room twiddling my thumbs and patiently waiting for someone to entertain me. I need to make more friends. That, or get a puppy. ooh...a puppy!

I think my weekend plans just got a little more exciting!
(To Be Continued...)


BUIE OF LOVE said...

You don't need a puppy!! we have christian lol
I think it would be a good idea if you got a puppy!!!
just know we love you and if you need any thing please
let us know!!

Emily Kathleen said...

I have the cutest mini dachshund that you can have. She has already destroyed a couch, a beautiful chair, my stair railing posts, two pairs of shoes, the edge of my cabinetry in my craft room, and some of Grant's toys. I think she's and I are about done with the chewing phase! Come and get her anytime - or I will bring her to you when you bake those cookies.

Sophie said...

puppy puppy puppy!!!!!
love soph

Scott Christopherson said...

WHy does Adam think he's a model?