Thursday, April 28, 2011

royal wedding

royal wedding
Anybody staying up until 2 am to watch the Royal wedding? I think I want to! Even though we can DVR the whole thing-i think it would be more exciting to have a viewing party with tea and crumpets. Or maybe peanut butter and jelly.
I just need an excuse to wear a cool hat.
I have a feeling I might be watching it my fancy hat.
my prince charming needs his beauty sleep.

Cheers to Kate & Willy!


Lauren + Joey said...

I am so going to watch it! I can't believe how wrapped up into this I am, but it's going to be quite an event!!

court-court said...

We were just there together!! I am contemplating waking up to watch!!

becky and lance said...

I watched it! I recorded it and was just going to wait until I woke up to watch...but there is just something about watching it live, so I woke up just in time to see Kate walk down the aisle!