Thursday, April 14, 2011

I snapped these yesterday when I got home from work. I was so excited to see something other than SNOW in our front yard. For all I know these could just be very pretty weeds. Whatever they are, they made me happy.
We have been in spring cleaning mode this week. We cleared out our garage which was full of crap that had probably been there since the house was built in 1932. We found some gems, but mostly crap. And by 'gems' I mean a brand new set of blinds. This kind of stuff excites me.
Then yesterday we proceeded to clean our guest room, which was slowly starting to look like an episode of 'Hoarders: Buried Alive'.
Does anyone else have a junk room that's slightly emabarrassing/hazardous to your health?? humor me and tell me yes.
If it weren't for our house guest this weekend, I think we would have suffocated in piles of our own clothes and 2 year-old wedding gifts never put to use. I found 4 sets of measuring cups, new towels, the missing plate to our dinner set, and a crock pot! who knew hoarding could be so much fun?!

Here's to spring cleaning!


Steve and Brittany said...

We had a junk room until we had our second baby, now we just have to spread the junk into all the random closets etc... Haha!
And I am so excited to plant some flowers! I am sick of the snow too. Yay for spring!

Grandma Cebe said...

These are grape hyacinths. They'll come up every year.