Thursday, May 28, 2009

A few things on my mind.

1. The dress is in the WORKS. Halle-freakin'-lujah.
3. Why do I check BabySteals everyday??? I'm not a baby-mama and i'm not planning on being a baby-mama anytime soon. Oh---but if anyone knows of someone having a baby girl soon--TELL ME--I have the cutest idea.
4. I can't stop looking at the Eva Rug.
5. Some of YOU are wondering why the H we are getting married in San Diego--
a. It is the city of my birth. hehe.
b. Mother MauREEN was married in the same backyard where my reception will be.
c. Every Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin I know of lives in Cali.
d. The weather will be perf. guaranteed.
e. Last summer I worked as a wedding coordinator's assistant to over 100 weddings. A big reception is the last thing I want to do. Just close family for me, please ;)
f. My wedding will not be lost in the mix of the 12,657 other Utah weddings in August.
g. It is a destination-not too close and not too far-woohoo!
h. It filters out the people from Utah that I don't want there on my wedding day.
i. Wouldn't you want to spend your first night here?!
j. I just llllurrrve that Temple.
k. This one is totally irrelevant-but I just realized that Adam really is my Boo!


Steve and Brittany said...

I really was curious why you were getting married in CA, but those are all good reasons so all power to you :) How fun, you are going to have a beautiful wedding I am sure!

ana said...

Congratulations!!! didn't know you are getting married
sooooo when is the date??? If you want ideas I have some in my blog on the right side

becky and lance said...

i am so happy your dress is in the making!! woo hoo. also i agree with everything else you said! oh and i would have LOVED to have my first night there... looks perfect!