Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today everyone is running the 5k for the Park City 5 and I wish I could be there....but instead I have to work. On a Saturday. Ugh. For those of you who also couldn't make it, donations can be made HERE.
Other than that, this week was a GOOD one-and very busy indeed...
Monday : MEMORIAL DAY! Landon & Amee's cabin. Shoot guns, play horse shoe, make s'mores. Liberty Park, Volleyball.
Tuesday : WORK. Tin Foil dinners up Millcreek Canyon. YUM.
Wednesday : WORK. Dress fitting in Provo! WooHoo!
Thursday : WORK. Red Butte Orientation. Click HERE to see the concert line-up. I decided that whoever gives me the best wedding gift EARLY will get 2 free tickets to any concert!! Joke. Adam's game. No homerun this time --> considering breaking up.
Friday : WORK. El Chubasco. yuuummmmm.......
Saturday : WORK. (PC 5 fundraiser). Troy's Birthday celebration!
Sunday : Churchies. Red Butte concert-Neko Case.


ana said...

wow! what a busy week!
just like mines

scott and lindsey said...

minus work- you had a pretty great week!