Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day.
Whenever people tell me that I remind them of you--you might think I cringe (because No One wants to be like their Mom) but I don't. I'm glad i'm like you--and I only hope I can be the kind of Mom you have always been. I love how growing up we were actually able to live in our house-you were never one of those moms that made the bed right after you woke up or made our rooms look like the top of the Chrysler Building. You let us put on full-on productions for your guests during dinner parties, spray paint the walls with graffiti, or scamper on the rooftop late at night giggling and without a doubt keeping you up. I love how you let us sleep in well into the afternoon and didn't care if we went to bed late. I love how one night you tried sleeping on the trampoline with me and I love how miserable you were. I love that you still beg me to put on my cheerleading uniform, and I love how how FUNNY you are. I love it when you dance to hip hop, I love it when you jump up and down and squeel at the idea of me being married-because that means that MAYBE you will have a grandbaby someday. I love that you really really tried to learn Spanish, I love that you are always up when I get home late, and I love that everyone who knows you loves you too. Because it's hard not too. Here's to my Bangin' Mom. Love you ;) xo, E
photo via unruly things


Casey said...

I agree with that.
Who do you think is hotter, Rihanna or Cassie?

Erin Lee said...

CASSIE. Hands down.