Saturday, April 17, 2010

9 by design

I don't care if i'm the bazillionth person to blog about it--Adam and I are hooked. So is Maureen, who calls the show either '7+2' or 'Mindless by Design'.
she still doesn't know what it's called.
Not only do we want to start tearing down walls and purchase furniture from parisian antique shops-as of yesterday, we want to have seven children and name them:

Raphael Buie
Brad-Pitt Buie
Angelina-Jolie Buie
Spacebar Buie
Captain Buie
Ajax Buie
Juicy Buie

Watch the show to see what we mean....
you'll LOVE it!


confused homemaker said...

I love this show, there is something real about them (even in all the TV editing).

dave + kirst said...

erin my dear where are you? do you live in SLC?

Emily Lloyd said...

What is the show I am missing out on?

Erin Lee said...

Tuesday nights on BRAVO!!!!